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Australia is one of the largest countries in the world (by land area) and is also one of the most urbanized countries with a GDP per capita matching that of prosperous western European nations. The populations of the three major cities of Australia – Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne – make up almost half of the total population of the country. Sydney is Australia’s largest city and it is situated in the New South Wales region. If you are visiting Australia, staying in Sydney would be an excellent decision. Australia also has a renowned and unique wildlife that is available for viewing in its natural habitat by tourists. As for sight-seeing, the Sydney Opera House and Ayers Rock are a must-see.

Australia is world famous for its natural settings such as beaches, deserts, hills, and of course, the Outback. Northern Australia typically has tropical weather throughout the year while the South is usually temperate, similar to South Africa. The central is usually dry and arid. The travel season is usually in the Summer (December – February). Australia is close to the size of mainland United States and has 3 time zones. All tourists except those from New Zealand are required to obtain a visa in order to gain entry in to the country.

The must-see tourist destination in Australia is definitely Ayers Rock. Ayers Rock (also known as Uluru Rock) is located near central Australia in the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park. If you’re wondering exactly what it is, it’s a large sandstone rock formation (see image below) that is sacred to the native people of the region (the Anangu). It is also a World Heritage Site. Admission costs A$25 (or R233). If you are in good physical shape, I would recommend climbing the formation so you can enjoy the view from the top (the climb takes about 1 hour).

Pictures from Australia:

Sydney Opera House

Ayers Rock



Tallow Beach

Burleigh Heads Beach