Cheap Flights to London

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London is the capital and the largest metropolitan area of the United Kingdom. It is situated on the River Thames in Southeast UK. The Greater London Metropolitan area consists of 32 boroughs with the City of London at the center. There are lots of museums, art galleries, cathedrals, parks, etc that are open to the public for tourists to visit. The Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery will give you a good feel for the historical culture of London.

Without a doubt, London is one of the world’s top global cities along with New York, Tokyo, and Paris. Settlement has existed on London for thousands of years. The city is full of distinguished museums, art galleries, theaters, bars, and restaurants, which will keep any tourist busy for weeks. Due to the city’s historical significance, there are lots of historical attractions for tourists to see. The weather is relatively cold all throughout the year, so be sure to bring your winter gear when traveling to London.

The absolute must-see tourist attraction in London is Buckingham Palace, the official residence and workplace of the monarch. The palace was built in 1705 and is also home to an art gallery. Tourists are welcome to visit the exterior of the palace and view the changing of the guard. Some rooms at the palace are also open to the public at specific times of the year. Admission fees range from R113 – R220. The garden at Buckingham Palace is the largest in all of London.

No trip to London is complete without doing some sight-seeing. There are literally countless sights to see in London; here are just a few:

Big Ben

London Eye Ferris Wheel

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

River Thames