Cheap Flights to Port Elizabeth

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Port Elizabeth (PE) is the 5th largest city in South Africa. It is famous for its beaches and the friendly nature of its residents. PE is located along the pristine shores of Nelson Mandela Bay and sustains warm temperatures all throughout the year. PE is known for its elegant beaches and malaria-free wildlife. Due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean, there are lots of water-related activities for tourists such as surfing, sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, watching dolphin shows, etc.

Port Elizabeth has a culturally rich history and as a result, there are many cultural historic sites around the city including World War 1 memorials, the city hall and library, the Port Elizabeth Museum, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, and more. Port Elizabeth is known as the water sports capital of Africa and for good reason. The nearby Algoa Bay is commonly cited as one of the world’s best sailing spots. There are also numerous scuba diving spots in the city featuring everything from historical shipwrecks to coral reefs.

The must-see site for tourists in Port Elizabeth is Hobie Beach, where the annual Splash festival, beach volleyball, and world boardsailing championships take place. The beach is also home to the many water sports mentioned previously. Hobie beach has warm weather throughout the entire year, so you never have to worry about visiting during a bad season. If you arrive during the low tide, be sure to visit the Shark Rock Pier where you can find things like starfish, seashells, and crabs washed up on the beach. Overall, the city is a perfect place to spend a holiday so don’t hesitate to book your cheap flights to Port Elizabeth.

Sights to see in Port Elizabeth:

Donkin Reserve

Nelson Mandela Art Museum

No 7 Castle Hill

Hobie Beach

Kings Beach

Fort Frederick